Rubita Kumari

Software Engineer

An Engineering Manager and seasoned developer with a decade of experience in the software industry. Specializes in guiding teams towards successful web and hybrid mobile app projects, leveraging technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and React Native. Skilled in fostering a collaborative environment across organizational boundaries, promoting cross-functional team interactions and synergies. Passionate about leading from the front in development, testing and project management.

Tech Skills

JavaScript (nodejs, es6), TypeScript, HTML, CSS React, ReactNative, feathersjs, expressjs Jest wordpress C/C++

Work Experience (Feb 2011 – Present)

HousingAnywhere (Nov 21 – Present)

Engineering Manager (Oct 22 - Present)

Team Lead (Nov 21 - Oct 22)

HousingAnywhere is Europe's largest rental accommodation marketplace, with 10 million unique visitors per year.

As the Engineering Manager of the Internal Ops Team at HousingAnywhere, I bridge the gap between engineering and non-engineering teams, leading initiatives to enhance inter-departmental collaboration.

I guide my team in supporting and empowering sales, marketing, and operation teams by optimizing workflows and processes, with a steadfast commitment to data privacy and security. My primary focus is on driving efficiency, scalability, and operational excellence throughout the organization.

ServiceMax (Jun 20 – Nov 21)

Staff Software Engineer

ServiceMax is a Field service SaaS built on top of Salesforce.

Sweeten Inc (Fearless Renovation Pvt Ltd) (Jul 19 – May 20)

Lead Engineer

New York based Series-A funded marketplace for home/office renovations.

Sangoma Technologies (Sep 15 – Jun 19)

Senior Software Engineer

Canada based Sangoma builds hardware and software solutions for VOIP.

NEC India (Aug 13 – Aug 15)

Senior Software Engineer

TATA Consultancy Services (Feb 11 - Aug 13)

Software Engineer

Other Projects

Refrens (

Refrens is an invoicing platform for freelancers and SMEs.

Extrachai (

Extrachai is a health and wellness related blog built using wordpress.


Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Rourkela

Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science

Class of 2009